Conveyor Belt

Endless Belt sources our products from a variety of suppliers so as to provide our customers with a broad choice of quality solutions to suit all budgets.

Endless Belt works closely with customers and suppliers to ensure that the stocks of belt and repair materials held at each site are suited to the needs of local industries.

Multiply Rubber Conveyor BeltBelt stock held on site includes:

  • 2ply, 3ply & 4ply rubber ply belt with standard covers in various widths (New & Used)
  • Solid Woven (New & Used)
  • Pine Oil Resistant (Timber King)
  • Chevron & Multi-V in various widths and patterns

Other types of Conveyor Belting available on request include:

  • Chemical & Heat Resistant (CRHR)
  • EndlessBelt015Fire Retardant and Antistatic (FRAS)
  • Heat Resistant (EPT/EPDM)
  • Oil Resistant (OR) – Nitrile, Neoprene & Nitrile/PVC
  • Profile belts including Crescent Top
  • PVC
  • Rough Top
  • Transmission belt
  • Steel Cord
Conveyor Belt Solid Woven

Solid Woven






Profile & Patterned Belts

Profile & Patterned belts are designed to:

  • move materials over an incline
  • reduce material slide back
  • assist with material containment
  • assist or improve belt tracking

Available in Rubber, PVC, FRAS and Oil Resistant materials



Cleated Sidewall BeltCleated-Sidewall

Cleated-Sidewall belts are designed to:

  • contain material more effectively
  • prevent material slide back
  • assist or improve belt tracking

Available in Rubber, PVC, FRAS and Oil Resistant materials.


Bucket Elevator Belt

Bucket Elevator Belts & Parts

Endless Belt supplies a range of Elevator Belts and parts for Bucket Elevator systems including:

  • Polyethylene Buckets
  • Steel Buckets
  • Elevator Bolts including Jackson
  • Elevator Bucket fasteners
  • Wide selection of Elevator Belts including FRAS


Second Hand Belt


According to PlanetArk Rubber conveyor belts at the end of their lifespan are the second largest rubber waste stream in Australia after used tyres.

As part of our commitment to reduce landfill Endless Belt reuses, refurbishes and recycles, a large proportion of off cut and used belt.

Endless Belt offers refurbishing services for high volume users of belt, such as mines and power stations. Refurbishing involves repairing minor damage to covers, removing sections of belt that are beyond repair and rejoining the remaining usable belt ready for service. Refurbished belt is generally cheaper than a new belt and tensile testing is also available.

When belts are beyond restoration Endless Belt cuts and splits as much as possible to produce pieces that are suitable for:

  • Lining truck and ute trays
  • Rubber Mats
  • Mud Flaps
  • Lining for horse stables, yards and floats
  • Cattle feeders